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History of The LOVIT Way

In 2016, The LOVIT Way began as a grassroots approach by Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia to supporting evaluation and planning in their Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) programs. 

Mainstream evaluation tools were not effectively supporting AHS programs: 

  • Being observed and evaluated by outsiders caused anxiety.

  • The cultural qualities of the programs were not being reflected. 

  • Program practice was not benefiting from the evaluation process.

AHS program leaders began to dream... 

  • They wanted a way to make evaluation more accessible to program staff and involve their community members. 

  • They wanted a way to observe their programs that captured the ‘family wellness’ aspect of the culturally respectful and holistic AHS principles and guidelines. 

  • They wanted their staff and families to be able to witness and value the roles each played in the program, so they would become inspired and share their inspiration with others. 

  • Finally, they wanted an approach that would support collaborative planning in order to transform AHS programs into the best they can be for intergenerational healing.

These dreams grew into The LOVIT Way - Learning to Observe, Value, Inspire and Transform

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