What is The LOVIT Way? 

The LOVIT Way Program Evaluation Process (PEP)

is a self-assessment and monitoring instrument based on The LOVIT Way.


The LOVIT Way is a nurturing process of:

LEARNING about the AHS Principles & Guidelines 

OBSERVING and witnessing our programs

VALUING what we do for our children and families

INSPIRING our communities to plan what we want to do

TRANSFORMING our programs into the best they can be!

Aboriginal Head Start (AHS)

Aboriginal Head Start is an early intervention learning program for First Nations, Inuit and Métis children and families.

Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC is a leader in the development and delivery of professional training and cultural resources for AHS programs across Canada. Learn more at www.ahsabc.com


AHSABC has developed The LOVIT Way and tools to engage program communities in their own growth.

Why use PEP?

​  Culturally-sensitive evaluation tool
  Reflects the AHS Principles and Guidelines
  User-friendly self-assessment and planning tool
  Supports ongoing program monitoring
  Identifies holistic qualities of ECE program
  Led by trained PEP facilitators and/or independently
  Program staff, parents and community participate
  Includes cultural practices such as witnessing, reflection, sharing, and storytelling

How does PEP work?

  Question items reflect criteria of a high-quality Early Learning Program
  Qualitative: Witness and observe program to determine strengths and gaps in practice
  Identify areas that are Priorities for Growth and rank in levels of need for urgent action
  As a team, choose your program Goals and create an Action Plan
  Quantitative: Repeat 3x per year to determine growth over time and measure improvement


Why become a LOVIT Way Village Member...

FREE to AHS staff, parents, community, or other Indigenous Early Learning program staff
 PEP online tool: self-assess and enhance your program using a culturally sensitive and holistic process and share your results with your community members
  INSPIRE: find resources to build value and program excellence with your staff
  SHARING CIRCLE: share your inspiring ideas and connect with other members



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